• Membership is open to Malaysia citizens and foreign citizens who are permanently a Malaysia.
    • Kuala Lumpur Library membership registration is FREE.
    • Kuala Lumpur Library’s membership ID is the applicant’s Identity Card Number/MyKid/MyPR/Passport Number.
    • The validity of membership is two (2) years. Library members need to update their personal data at the service counter during that period to ensure the applicant’s membership remains valid.
    • Adult Membership – aged 12 and above.
    • Kids Membership – aged 4 to 11 years.
    • Applicant needs to fill in the membership registration form (printed form/digital form) and state the valid and true information.
    • The membership application will be cancelled if it is found that the information submitted by the applicant is not true / the form is incompletely filled.
    • Printed form
      • Printed form can be collected at customer service counters at the Kuala Lumpur Library and branches.
      • Please ensure that the membership application form is completed before submitting it to the library service counter staff.
      • Applicants need to present their identity card/MyKid/MyPR/passport to the staff for the purpose of checking and verifying the applicant’s data.
    • Digitally
      • Scan the QR code provided / via the PKL website or click the link
      • Fill in the information correctly and completely.
      • When the applicant makes a loan for the first time, the applicant will be asked to show their identity card/MyKid/MyPR passport to the library service counter staff for review and verification of the application data.
      • The applicant can borrow reading materials after the applicant’s data is verified.
  1. Each member is responsible for their own account. Please make sure your account password is not shared with other parties to avoid any misuse. The library will not be responsible for the applicant’s negligence in relation to this matter.
  1. Users who have registered as members of the Kuala Lumpur Library are DEEMED TO HAVE AGREE and must comply with the rules and library policies outlined by the Kuala Lumpur Library.
  1. Members can borrow reading materials from 2 ways:
    • Customer Service Counter
      • Please bring the borrowing materials to Customer Service Counter.
      • Please state you ID Number and your name to the librarian on duty.
      • Pass the borrowing materials to the librarian.
      • The librarian will processed the borrowing.
      • Kindly keep the borrowing receipt for the reference return date.
    • Self-Check Machine
      • Please bring your book to the self-check in machine.
      • Slot in your ID Number and key in your password at the screen to activate your account.
      • Put your book at the terminal, one by one.
      • The system will scan your book one at the time.
      • Then, click borrow at the screen.
      • Borrowing successful. Please take and keep your receipt for the reference return date.
      • If borrowing failed, kindly proceed to the Customer Service Counter for assistant.
  2. The total materials that can be borrowed are based on these membership category:
Children 4 years – 11 years 3 materials
Adult 12 years and above 3 materials
  1. The borrowing period is 14 days for each material.
  2. Members can get a receipt after completing the loan. Please keep the receipt as evidence of the loan and return date reference.
  3. Library members who have been blacklisted are not allowed to borrow reading materials until the relevant issues are resolved.
  4. Borrowers must immediately report any loss of borrowed books to the library.
  5. Library materials with Reference (R) status cannot be borrowed except with an official letter/or filling in a reference material loan form and approval from the Head Librarian, Kuala Lumpur Library.
  1. All members can extend the loan period for every borrowing materials.
  2. All the borrowing materials can be extendable to 14 days after the return date with conditions as below:
    • The return date is not expired.
    • There is no fine for the borrower account.
    • Can only apply once for each material.
    • The materials has not been booked by other members.
  3. To extend the loan period, please:
    • Call (03-2612 3500)
    • Email (
    • Kindly provide the details when applying for the extend loan period:
      • Name of the borrower
      • ID number of the borrower
      • Title / barcode of the materials

Reading materials can be returned by 3 methods, namely:

  1. Customer Service Counter
    • Please handover the book to the staff at the counter for the process.
    • Please take and keep the receipt as the proof of your return materials.
    • Kindly make payment for fine (if any) to borrow other materials.
  2. Book Drop
    • Please proceed to book drop machine at the lobby.
    • Please choose language.
    • Put your book one at the time at the terminal.
    • The book will be scanned one at the time.
    • If the return successful, kindly take and keep the receipt as the proof of return.
    • If the return failed, kindly proceed to the Customer Service Counter for assistant.
  3. Goods delivery service (same day door-to door delivery).
    • Borrower can return the book to library by using courier – same day door to door delivery
    • Shipping costs are fully borne by the borrower
    • Each material sent must be accompanied by the ID number, phone number and email of the borrower and sent to the following address only:
      Kuala Lumpur Library
      No 1, Jalan Raja
      50050 Kuala Lumpur
    • Sent during service opening hours only.
    • Handover slip as proof of transaction.
    • Materials must be sent before the end of the return period.
    • The library is not responsible if the materials sent are lost, damaged or delayed in reaching the library. The borrower is responsible for the materials sent.
  1. Kuala Lumpur Library is using iPAC (Internet Public Access Catalog) from library system to search materials and reference that the users needs.
  2. Ways to use IPAC are as follows :
    • Log in to Kuala Lumpur Library website
    • Key in your ID and password.Notes :
        • Please ensure that you have been registered as a member for Kuala Lumpur Library before loggin in.
        • Please ensure that your account status is active.
        • After log in, the details will be appeared.
    • Click at pada ‘Reading Searching’ at the home page.
    • Key in title/author/subject the reading searching and clik the icon search.
    • Please choose eitherDigital Book or Physical Book.
    • Digital Book: The materials can be downloaded and can be read through your mobile phone. It is an electronic book from KL Elib.
    • Physical Book: The materials are in hardcopy and are available in library only. Kindly proceed to library to borrow the materials.
    • Click ‘Read More’ to get the details for each book, library location, rack number and book status.


  • The u-Pustaka service is a national digital library service that can be accessed by all Malaysians anytime and anywhere through the u-Pustaka portal at
  • The Kuala Lumpur Library is one of the members of the u-Pustaka consortium.
  • U-Library membership is FREE.
  • u-Pustaka members can borrow physical books as well as digital books.
  • Members can order physical books from the 12 libraries of the u-Pustaka consortium and have them delivered to their homes using the Pos Laju service at a reasonable rate.
  • In addition, u-Pustaka provides access to digital materials that include audio books, electronic books, magazines, journals, electronic newspapers, database services and government publications.


  • When you register as a Kuala Lumpur Library member, you will automatically become a u-Library member.


  • Click the u-Library link via the Kuala Lumpur Library website.


The Kuala Lumpur Library through the u-Pustaka platform offers several databases that can be accessed by library users for free. To access this database please visit the u-Pustaka website or click on the link below:

  1. Please ensure that you have registered as a member of Kuala Lumpur Library.
  2. Please browse to u-library or click the link u-library database (

Here are some databases provided at uPustaka:


Various e-Book titles in the field of general subjects from leading publishers are available for borrowing. There are 4,476 e-book titles, 140 audio book titles and 98 e-book+audio book titles (read along) in the PNM Overdrive portal. You are allowed to borrow at one time, as many as 2 e-books for a period of one week. Make sure you have first installed the software Adobe Digital Editions (for the download process &amp ; reading borrowed e-Books) and the OverDrive App software (for the process of downloading & accessing audio books/video materials that borrowed) on the computer.

  1. E-Law

The eLaw database is a database that specializes in the field of law. It provides information on legal cases (syariah-related cases, Industrial Court Awards and cases under Federal law). You can also access various articles/materials from selected legal publications, municipal law, legal glossary/dictionary, statutory interpretations, translation list of legal terms (English-Malay-English), legal practice instructions (practice notes) through this database. A search engine is also available for your convenience.

  1. EBsco Primer Public Library Package

EBSCO Information Services (EBSCOHost) is the largest database providing access to e-Books, articles from thousands of e-Journal titles and various information resources from over 100 databases. In addition to searching/downloading journal articles, users can also access as many as 5,277 e-book titles in various subjects, including arts, business, economics, education, marketing, social sciences, medicine and others. EBSCOHost is one of the most popular databases in the world, and has been widely used in many libraries and business communities for more than 60 years. Watch the tutorial videos on how to effectively use the EBSCO database at EBSCOHost Tutorial Youtube Channel for better understanding.

  1. Emerald Backfiles Archives

Emerald is a global database service provider that provides access to high quality management and engineering research journal articles. The National Library of Malaysia has subscribed to the archive collection of journal articles under the Emerald database for the years 2006 and 2010. This database provides unlimited nationwide access and provides direct download facilities for journal article archives. under the Emerald database (full text – PDF) whose publication year is 2006 and 2010 only

  1. Emerald e-Book

This Emerald E-book collection is the content of selected eBooks that have been subscribed to by PNM. Here, you can access, read and download various eBook titles from the Emerald eBook Collection that have been subscribed to either in PDF, HTML and EPub format where it includes a collection of scholarly monographs, edited eBook collections, handbooks and materials professional text.

The collection of eBooks available is as follows: a) Collection of eBooks in Business, Management & Economics (Published from Year 2013 to 2017): A comprehensive collection where it covers more than 490+ eBook titles covering various topics from Accounting to Marketing. The list of topics covered are: Strategy; Human Resource Behavior & Organization; Marketing & Branding; Innovation; Business Ethics & Sustainable Business; Leadership; International Business ; Operations & Logistics; Economics; Financial; Banking; Investment; Accounting & Auditing. b) Collection of eBooks in Social Sciences (Published from 2013 to 2017): There are 210+ titles in this collection covering two main fields, namely Sociology and Education. The list of topics covered is: Criminology (Crime); Higher education; Communication Studies; Inclusive Education; Cultural Studies; Education & Administration.

  1. Bernama Online (BLIS)

BERNAMA Infolink Library and Services (BLIS) is a research portal that contains a variety of information as well as access to important news and information in Malaysia. BLIS is a database service provided by BERNAMA news agency. Among the sources of information you can get are current news and BERNAMA news archive (more than 4,768,880 local news articles and 279,227 international news), more than 9,162 biographies/profiles of figures in Malaysia, more than 9,712 full text speeches, facts and statistics important information related to Malaysia, sectoral reports, directories and links to BERNAMA’s resource and information center.

  1. PressReader

The PressReader database provides instant access to more than 2,446 e-newspaper titles and 3,915 e-magazine titles of the world’s leading brands, from over 152 countries in 56 languages in full-text format and digital replicas. As for the content of Malaysian newspapers, there are 12 main newspapers that you can access which are The Borneo Post, China Press, Nanyang Siang Pau, Utusan Borneo, The Star & Star 2, Oriental Daily News, The Borneo Post, The Wall Street Journal Asia, The Sun and The Malaysian Reserve. You can also access various local e-magazine titles such as Women Health (Malaysia), Female (Malaysia), Men’s Magazine, Men’s Health, Glam and others.

  1. iG Library

The iG Library Database provides access to 429 e-Book titles in the fields of economics, politics and social sciences from the collection of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) and 249 e-Book titles published by the American Library Association (ALA).

  1. Mason Crest

The Mason Crest E-Books Database contains as many as 490 selected fiction and non-fiction e-book titles as well as scholarly and contemporary books covering areas such as biography, sports, medicine, family, health, nutrition, career and finance, current issues and others. All available e-books are published abroad and in `flipping e-book’ format with full-text display. It is suitable for reading by children, teenagers and adults from the age of 10 and above. Search engine facilities based on keywords (keyword search), bookmark functions, copy & paste, full screen view is available for readers.

  1. Benchmarking Online Networking Database (BOND)

Benchmarking Online Networking Database (BOND) is a database or reference hub of best practices and performance measurement to help organizations to obtain information to identify best practices and required benchmarks. This database has been developed by Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC). To date, a total of 252 best practice documents have been uploaded to the BOND portal with the intention of sharing best practices implemented by outstanding organizations.

  1. Alkem Digital Library

A wide range of e-book titles in the field of general subjects from leading publishers around the world are available to access online. You can also access ALKEM DIGITAL LIBRARY via tablet or smartphone.

  1. I-LEARN Ace

i-LEARN Ace is a 21st century e-learning platform where it has been developed exclusively by Sasbadi Online. Among the unique features of i-LEARN Ace is the note function where it contains more than 200,000 note sheets. i-LEARN Ace also provides approximately 300,000 sets of accumulated questions in its question bank. Students can easily answer practice questions and access lesson notes online or offline. Apart from meeting 100% of the latest Malaysian Ministry of Education syllabus, i-LEARN Ace also creates three-way communication between parents, teachers and users because this platform is specially designed to improve the learning skills of users starting from Year 1 – Form 5.

  1. J-GATE

J-GATE is a database consisting of Basic Science, Social Science & Management, Engineering & Technology and Art Package & Humanity. The database includes 9,000+ Journals (20 million articles) Basic Science Collection, 12,000+ Journals (10 million articles) Social Science Collection & Management, 10,000+ Journals (11 million articles) on Engineering Collections & Technology AND 8,000+ Journals (7 million articles) on Art Collections & Humanity. In total, J-Gate brings you around 35,000 Journals for your research and study needs.

  1. Me Books

Explore exciting books for kids with built-in audio & adapted. With more than 400 children’s books from Oxford University Press, ELI Publishing (Italy), WickWick (Finland), Penguin and Andersen Press. Hear stories from world famous figures now, and enjoy the ability to record your own voice!

  1. Odilo – Unlimited Learning Ecosystem

ODILO is the leading developer of smart libraries and collaborative learning considered by many to be the “Netflix For Education”. ODILO exclusively offers a digital library experience that features Netflix. ODILO includes 20,000 reading materials in various fields including Soft Skills, Health & Wellness, General Business & Entrepreneurship, Lifelong Learning, Literature & Novels, Jobs and Careers, General Science, Early Education, Chinese (Mandarin) Novels, and some e-magazines.

  1. Infinity Tutor

Infiniti Tutor is an online learning portal that helps students revise and reinforce. There are 68,785 questions prepared and constantly increasing according to the latest curriculum measures by the Malaysian Ministry of Education (KPM). Questions are prepared by expert question makers according to the KSSR, KSSM and KBSM syllabus in line with what is learned at school and focus on the UPSR, PT3 and SPM exam years. Infinity Tutor can be accessed anywhere and anytime


Buffet@PKL is a database that provides over 5,000 reading materials consisting of newspapers, novels and magazines to be accessed for FREE through your smart devices

  1. Download the application on the platform below:

IOS platform (link:

Android platform (Url :

  1. Click the Buffet @ PKL application to activate it on your device.
  2. Register (New User) / Login (already registered)
  3. Search for material / select reading material
  4. Click on the reading material picture.
  5. Click ‘Read Now’
  6. The material will be downloaded to your device.
  7. You can start reading on your device.

Click to see how to use Buffet @ PKL :

Perpustakaan Kuala Lumpur menyediakan beberapa platform yang boleh diakses untuk mendapatkan bahan bacaan digital secara percuma.


  1. Click
  2. Register (New User) / Login (already registered)
  3. Search for material / select reading material
  4. Click ‘Borrow’
  5. The book will be downloaded to your device.
  6. You have 7 days to read your book before it is deactivated on your loan.

Guide to making a loan

Guide to reading e-books KL Elib

Cereka 1


“Cereka gathers various novels under the genres of science fiction and horror, all within one application. Enjoy over 800 captivating works, including 250 novels, 180 short stories, and 550 other stories, all at your fingertips. Now available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Just 3 easy steps to get free access.”

Cereka gathers various novels under the genres of science fiction and horror, all within one application. Enjoy over 800 captivating works, including 250 novels, 180 short stories, and 550 other stories, all at your fingertips. Now available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Just 3 easy steps to get free access.”

To set up and use PKL @Cereka, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Register using your GOOGLE account.
  3. Remember your username and click “Log Masuk” (Login).
  4. Download the Cereka app from the Google Play Store / Apple App Store.
  5. Tap the user icon at the top right and click the “Login Cereka” button.
  6. Log in using your ‘PKL@Cereka’ account.
  7. Click “Authorize.”
  8. Your account is now active. Next, go to ‘Setting and Support’ and click “setting.”
  9. Then, press “Restore Purchase.”
  10. Your PKL@Cereka Annual Subscription account has started.
  11. Choose the book you want to read.
  12. Start your reading.

Follow these steps to enjoy your reading experience with PKL @Cereka!




Review Aplikasi CEREKA:

Thank you to Saluran Baiduri M. Rosli, Book Surgeon, ML Studio, and Cerekaapp for their support and contribution in providing reviews and information about PKL@Cereka. Their collaboration has helped to increase awareness and understanding of this application.

Kuala Lumpur Resource Center or KLRC is a unit that develops, collects, and maintains a collection of reading materials, writings, records, photographs from various sources that are particularly related to the development, development, and history of Kuala Lumpur City Hall in particular and Kuala Lumpur in general.

The collected materials include annual reports, press clippings, photographs, published materials, maps and various other items including artifacts or personal items. The selection of this material is based on its connection with the development and history of Kuala Lumpur.

This collection has the status of a closed collection where it can only be accessed in the KLRC Room, 2nd floor, Kuala Lumpur Dataran Merdeka Library only. The materials here are not given for loan but they can be referred in the KLRC Room only according to the period and rules that have been set.

    Until 2022, the Kuala Lumpur Library (PKL) provides 2 Mobile Bus Libraries that provide services around Kuala Lumpur. It is a bus that has been modified and equipped with various reading materials and has a computer and WiFi for the use of Kuala Lumpur residents. This Mobile Bus Library provides services according to a schedule that has been compiled based on the applications received. This service is offered to realize the government’s goal to create a society that is knowledgeable and has a culture of reading.
    1. Residential area
    2. Mosque
    3. Primary school
    4. Secondary school
    5. Government agencies / NGOs
    • The distance of the applying school/institution/location is not less than 10 km from the Kuala Lumpur Library and its branches. Click here for a list of Kuala Lumpur Libraries and their branches for reference.
    • The applying school/institution/location does not have its own complete library or reading room facilities.
    • The number of school students / Institutions / residents who apply.
    • Not less than 100 people for schools / Institutions.
    • Not less than 50 people for residential areas, mosques and so on.
    • Get full cooperation from the applicant who manages the affairs of the Mobile Bus Service in their place so that the service provided can run without any problems.
    • The condition of the road leading to the stops is in good condition, tarred and suitable for bus routes.
    • The size of the gate or entrance gate to the stops is not less than 3.66-meters (12 feet) in order for this library bus to pass through
    • Has a suitable and safe bus parking facility (parking ground).
    • PKL reserves the right to end the service at the applicant’s place if there is no response to this service. Stops that are terminated will be replaced with new stops that are more in need and can return an encouraging response.
    • The PKL has the right to temporarily suspend the book loan service at the applicant’s place if it is found that there are many who do not return the books after being sent a reminder letter @ related information through posters or through electronic media. PKL will restart the service if all borrowed books have been returned to the Mobile Bus Library
    • Applications for the Mobile Bus Library service must be made in November each year for the following years’ service. Applications will be evaluated based on location suitability and service schedule availability. Representatives from PKL will be present to view the site and discuss with the applicant regarding this service.
    • Program applications from government/private/NGO agencies can be submitted and will be evaluated based on schedule availability and location suitability within five (5) working days.
    • Any official application can be sent to the following address:
      Seksyen Perkhidmatan Perpustakaan (Unit Perkhidmatan Bas Bergerak)
      Perpustakaan Kuala Lumpur
      No 1, Jalan Raja
      50050 Kuala Lumpur
    Monday to Thursday
    Saturday & Sunday
    10.00am – 3.00pm
    Friday, Saturday,
    Saturday & Sunday Frist Week,
    Public Holiday
    Operation Closed

This gallery provides various information related to the history and development of Kuala Lumpur. Starting with Kuala Lumpur was built in 1857 on the banks of the Gombak and Klang rivers. In Malay, the name means “kuala berlumpur.” Its occupation began when a member of the Selangor royal family, King Abdullah, opened up the Klang Valley for tin mining. 87 Chinese prospectors had gone to the Klang river and started prospecting in the Ampang district, which at that time was a wilderness area. Want more stories, come to Inspirasi KL gallery.

  • Members can use self-service borrow machines to borrow books.
  • Insert your Identity Card in the slot provided / enter your Identity Card number on the screen.
  • Enter your password.
  • Place your book on the platform.
  • The system will scan your book.
  • The borrowed is successful and a receipt will be given.
  • Please keep the borrowing receipt as proof of the borrowed and a reference to the return date of the book.
  • Any difficulties can refer the service again to the staff at the counter.
  • Members can return books through the Book Slide.
  • Book drop service is open every day including public holidays.
  • Members need to keep the book return receipt via bookdrop as proof of return.
  • Members need to follow every procedure for using this machine correctly and regularly.
  • If this book sliding machine has a problem/breakdown, members need to start reading materials at the service counter:
      • During Service Hours
        Members should refer to the loan and return counter staff for return
      • purposes
      • Outside service hours/public holidays
        Members need to fill out the reading materials return form at the security counter and have it verified by the security guard on duty.
  • This machine is available at the Kuala Lumpur Dataran Merdeka Library, KL Library @ TTDI, KL Library @ Lembah Pantai and KL Library @ Medan Idaman.
  • All books borrowed from any Kuala Lumpur Library Branch can be returned through any book slide at the above location.
  • Exhibit reading materials that have been ordered by library members through the library website.
  • Members need to pick up the reading materials ordered within a period of seven (7) days.
  • This room is available for library members to hold discussions in small groups.
  • Kuala Lumpur Library members only are allowed to use the Discussion Room (minimum of three (3) library members). Not allowed in pairs in the Discussion Room.
  • Requests to use the Discussion Room can be made at the service counter face-to-face.
  • The use of the room is only allowed for small discussion sessions / review / other academic activities only. It is not allowed to be used for hanging out or for no purpose.
  • This room is used for the organization of various activities / programs.
  • This room is used as a multipurpose room to carry out activities planned by the Kuala Lumpur Library from time to time.
  • Every library member, you are given the first 1 hour for free to browse the internet, and every subsequent hour will be charged RM 1.00.
  • Non-members, charged RM 2.00 per hour.
  • The library has provided a WIFI line for free.
  • Please refer to the counter staff to get the password.
  • Kuala Lumpur Library provides a cafe for use by library users. A variety of dishes are available but you have to follow some rules while you are here. Among the rules that must be followed are as follows:
    • Library members and users are allowed to eat and drink in the library cafe only.
    • It is not allowed to bring in food and drinks from outside.
    • It is forbidden to make noise and disturb other users in the cafe.
    • It is forbidden to throw garbage and pollute the cafe area.
    • It is forbidden to move furniture in the cafe area.
  • Self-service lockers can be used for FREE.
  • Members and users need to read the QR code and register before using the locker.
  • Locker usage time according to library service operating hours.
  • Members and users MUST empty the lockers used after the end of the library’s operating hours every day.
  • Storage of Prohibited Items:
    • Perishable and wet items/food.
    • Items/food that emit odors.
    • Flammable items.
    • Dangerous items.
    • Items that violate Malaysian law.
  • Kuala Lumpur Library will not be responsible for the loss/damage of items stored in lockers.
  • Kuala Lumpur Library has the right to empty lockers / remove items in these lockers after library service hours end each day. Please refer to the library policy for more information.
  • This multi-purpose bag is provided for users to carry personal belongings from lockers / loan books to the library area only.
  • Please pick one up at the lobby counter and return it after it is used.
  • This service is provided free of charge.
  • This bag is not allowed to be taken out of the library.
  • If you see this bag outside the library, please return it / inform the library.

The Kuala Lumpur Library provides beacon facilities to access electronic books around Kuala Lumpur. This service is provided free of charge and it can be accessed through your smart device.

Based on services under the KLWBS2020 initiative, the Kuala Lumpur Library provides an access platform to e-books / electronic books using Internet of Things (Beacon) technology for all citizens of Kuala Lumpur in particular and library users in general.

The use of Beacon technology allows users to download reading materials in digital form to their personal smartphones. Based on the use of the latest technology in information marketing as a whole as well as using various social media platforms and Industry Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) the approach of using Beacon is one of the best methods.


What is a Beacon?

It is a small wireless device using Bluetooth Low Energy technology (also known as Beacon Bluetooth 4.0). Users who have the Reader application will get notifications and access to e-books via smartphone when they pass through an area where there is a Beacon. The concept of service implementation is found in 4 components:

Beacon Technology
  • Users get access to e-books through their smart devices when they pass or enter the area where there is a Beacon by using the provided eReader application.
  • Users can access the content list up to 30 meters away from the location of the Beacon. Once the user exits the Beacon area, the user does not have access to this e-book but the downloaded material can still be accessed.
Beacon Geo-fencing Technology
  • Users only need to download information/books that are allowed access to the designated catalog through geo-fencing beacons.
  • This technology requires a link to the internet or WiFi for the purpose of downloading e-books.
  • E-Books will be downloaded and stored on their smart devices and can be read without any internet connection
Push Notification
  • The reading facility also provides micro-location access for users through Beacon Bluetooth 4.0.
  • The “push notification” method is used as a promotion for products and e-books via smartphones when they are in bluetooth beacon coverage.
e-Book content
  • PKL provides as many as 200 ebook titles covering various fields such as tourism, history, light reading and many more for users to download.
Application / eBook Service Platform
  • The application provided allows users to borrow e-books through their respective devices when in that location.
  • Security data of registered users is protected under the Personal Data Protection Act



  1. Please download the ‘ebook Reader’ before accessing Beacon @ PKL.
  2. Download the application on the platform below:

IOS platform (link:

Android platform (Url :

  1. Register (New User) / Login (Registered)
  2. Search for material / select reading material
  3. Click ‘Borrow’
  4. The book will be downloaded to your device.
  5. You can start reading on your device.



  • Get it from Mr. Mazrizal

Pustaka KL @TTDI offers a screening room equipped with a large screen, the best sound system and a comfortable viewing area. It is suitable for watching movies with family members or small groups. You can choose to watch movies from the compact disc collection provided or watch movies arranged according to the screening schedule.


Pustaka KL @ TTDI provides a video game room for those who want to try the games provided. This room can be accessed individually or even in small groups. You can choose various video games provided by the library.


This interactive room is provided for children to play and stimulate the motor senses of their limbs. It is equipped with some interactive video games so that these children move actively in addition to giving pleasure while playing in this room. Parents and guardians are requested to always observe and be with their children while in this room.


A large screen is set up in the children’s section of the KL Library @ TTDI. It will show informative stories, cartoons, interactive games and activities for children while they are in the library.

  • A prayer room is provided for the convenience of library users to perform worship/prayer.
  • It is equipped with a mat and a comfortable space.
  • It is recommended for women to bring their own telekung.
  • Restrooms are available for the convenience of library users.
  • It is cleaned regularly to ensure it is always clean.
  • Ask library users to use the toilets and the equipment inside properly and avoid vandalism.
  • There is 1-unit water dispenser in the Kafe@PKL section.
  • Library users can take this drinking water to drink in the cafe.
  • Each library is provided with space to carry out various activities.
  • Please keep this space clean after it is used.
  • This facility is provided to make it easier for library users to access the upper floor of the library building.
  • Please use this facility well and avoid vandalism.
RAMP (Disabled Route)

The library provides ‘RAMP’ facilities that can be used by people who use wheelchairs.

If you have any questions, want to do research and visit the Kuala Lumpur Library, please send an official letter to:

Head Librarian
Kuala Lumpur Library
No 1 Jalan Raja
50050 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03 – 2612 3500
Fax : 03 – 2693 7313
Email :